How To Increase Your Bottom Line

How To Increase Your Bottom Line

Up selling is one way to increase your bottom line, it is a popular strategy used in many industries; it essentially is getting the customer to buy more of your products or services. Up selling if done right; will increase your bottom line which brings the question, why are you leaving money on the table by not up selling?

The strategy is simple; let us assume you are a retail clothing store and a customer has decided to buy a dress in your store.

The key to up selling here is to ask yourself; what do I have that would complement that dress? How about accessories, handbag, scarf or a pair of shoes? You get the idea. The key is to get the customer to spend more with you.

While up selling is one way to increase your bottom line another key is to take the customer and their specific situation into account. The customer buying the dress maybe wearing it to a formal event hence would need complementary items matching said formal situation to wear said dress, yet it doesn’t rule out other complementary items to wear said dress to another event less formal. Hence you have another opportunity to sell even more.

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