“My biggest challenge to date was my PhD.  I’m ready to take on your business. As a Cornell University alumna I am equipped with the tools and strategies to help you start, grow and succeed in your business. Let me show you:

    1.  How to plan for your business.
    2.  How to lay the right legal foundation for your business.
    3.  Ways you may use to secure funding for your business.
    4.  How you can develop your product and bring to market.
    5.  What digital marketing can do for your business.
    6.  Communication and negotiation strategies.
    7.  Growth and leadership strategies used by the top industry experts. 
    8.  How to find customers for your business.  

My passion is business, at DM Consultants I offer you a complete customized service for your business so you can thrive – social media services, SEO, management, marketing, PR, content, speech writing, corporate training, website design and hosting and website copywriting services.

I’m multilingual so you can relax. I’ve got you and your non-English business documents covered for translation services.” – Dionne.