Two Educational Resources Every Teacher Should Know

Two Educational Resources Every Teacher Should Know

Globalization has connected us, made the world a smaller place, one click of a finger and we have information. In this connected world teaching the next generation has never been more important.

Students expect their teachers to be knowledgeable on subject matters and deliver relevant content with real world examples, as such teachers need resources and what better place to look than:

1. EBSCOhost.

This is a treasure chest of reliable, peer-reviewed
content as journals, magazines, e-books, newspapers and more. EBSCOhost offers thousands of articles on a wide variety of topics in different languages which can be used for lesson planning or academic research. Teachers can use it to keep up with trends, learn more on topics and so much more. I use it as my personal library!

2. LinkedIn.

This professional social networking site is much more than a place online to display your resume, job hunt, network, make and keep up with connections and publish industry specific articles. LinkedIn has got more to offer, check out LinkedIn Learning. It is perfect for learning more on a topic. It offers bite sized content to an entire course in a wide variety of subjects. Check out a few, you’ll come back with new ideas.

Professional development

As a teacher learning should be on going, it is a worthwhile investment, it was Socrates who once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel”. Continue to learn so you may inspire your students.

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