Rewards anyone?

Rewards anyone?

If 2020 is going to be a successful year for your business where you finally manage your cash flow and bank some dough, then why not look everywhere for benefits? Here is a quick tip that will get you to your goals faster.


How about rewarding yourself? Credit cards these days I like to refer to as “smart cards”, they really have become smart! These business smart credit cards can help you to grow your business but only if you behave in smart ways. These business smart credit cards have an interest free period. If you plan well then you can work within the payment periods. For example, I have cash in hand I plan to use to make business purchases. However, I will use my business smart credit card to make the purchase and invest my cash.

Once the card payment is due, I use the cash to pay it. Depending on how the cash was invested I may have earned a bit of interest or make a profit. Manage this smart card well and the bank will also reward you be it via cash back, travel perks or other benefits. Hey, it’s like you are getting paid twice!

Making use of rewards will bolster your cash flow and help your business grow. Connect with me to learn more ways in which you can grow your business. Follow me in Twitter for more tips.