If You Really Want To Be Successful Embrace Change

As an entrepreneur, you must think like a master strategist (or at least hire one) if you are to succeed in business. We often see change as a challenge yet we overlook the opportunity it brings. Take for example, our world before cars and electricity were common place.

Imagine your business was selling a product like kerosene, all is going well and everyone needed your product to light their home. You are seen as a successful entrepreneur. Here comes the disruptor, the advent of electricity. The demand for your product becomes less as more homes now have access to electricity.  How do you move forward in business? Can you pivot? The answer depends on you, what kind of entrepreneur are you? Are you a master strategist?

There are entrepreneurs who would quickly close the business, blame the advent of electricity and move on without considering themselves a failure. There are other entrepreneurs who would quickly seek new markets to sell kerosene, not considering this a short term strategy that will soon end when even more homes gain access to electricity, again setting them back to where they currently are. Then there are entrepreneurs who think like master strategists or who at least hires a master strategist.

The entrepreneur who think strategically or hires a master strategist knows that innovation is the only way forward. Despite the challenge change may bring, entrepreneurs should view change as a new start and align themselves to profit from change. In every change there is opportunity, entrepreneurs may find even greater success once they embrace change. History has shown just how kerosene have evolved from lighting homes into a gas fuel such that it now provides power to motors.

If you can’t be the disruptor, work in harmony with the disruptor so your business continue to thrive or better yet, find ways to innovate. Remember, with change there is opportunity.

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