Disaster Planning 101

Disaster Planning 101

Natural disasters dominated world headlines in the second half of 2017 causing
disruption to many businesses, most of which were unprepared and faced the
consequences. The economic impact of said disasters continues to push economic
losses, so; how are you preparing for this coming year?

A good place to start is with a review of your critical business functions, in which ways could a disaster impact these functions and ultimately affect your bottom line? This is the challenge worth solving now before a disaster strike. Solving this now gives you leverage where you can assess its likelihood of being a solid solution in the event of a disaster.

Now is the time to review procedures and put a plan in place if you have none. If you have
one, now is the time to review it as your business may have grown and the plan
needs updating. Either way; a review will ensure you are ready in the event of
a disaster.

What lessons did you learn from the disasters of 2017? 

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