Are You A Fair Manager?

Are You A Fair Manager?

“The way you see people is the way you treat them and the way you treat them is what they become. I recall this quote by author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It reminds me of equity theory. Essentially this theory, wants to find a fair balance to ensure a strong and productive relationship is achieved with the employee, with the overall result being a contented, motivated employee.

I was reminded of this theory as I recently did some management consulting with an organization. There was an issue with the receptionists where one took significantly less calls than the other two. It was so obvious hence it was brought up for discussion. When I spoke with her to find out what the issues were; she confessed it was true but in her defense said she had been there the longest and she learned the others who came after her were better paid than she was.

I did not get into the hygiene factors as to discuss qualifications nor speculate as to other internal matters but I saw she was subconsciously or consciously thinking that costs, in this case time and effort; are not worth the benefits, the pay she receives. If she did believe she’ll get something of value in exchange for the cost of time and effort, such as acknowledgement, a raise, or maybe even further training or a promotion, she’ll work hard. Hence it comes back to the question, are you a fair manager?

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