Do PR Like A Pro

If you’re like me, your phone is never far away this means you see notifications in an instant, read messages often etc. so it is safe to assume you know what’s going on whether it’s in your town, the world or social media, and you know what else? You also see what’s trending. This I

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Grow Your Business

We know that as a business leader, one of your top priorities is to grow your business. That’s one of our strong points, growth. This is why clients seek us out for coaching and keep us on retainer. To maintain your business growth means making tough decisions as to where to invest your business resources.

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Start-Ups and Funding

We are still in the midst of a shifting global pandemic and start-ups and small businesses alike are trying to stay afloat. Funding is the biggest challenge facing startups and small businesses, as many are facing closure. Securing much needed financing will help fuel growth and innovation, secure the path to business continuity as well

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