How to make the most of your business day

    As we are pulled in several directions each day with people and tasks demanding our time; then we have the inevitable; tasks left undone. Here are 3 quick tips to help you make the most of each day. E-mailing E-mails can be huge time wasters, screen e-mails and take your time in responding to queries and requests        that are not urgent. Remember; the faster you respond the more e-mails will be coming at you with even            more requests or queries and at times; time wasting questions. Templates and forms Use a standard template/form to reply to queries or requests that you often deal with. If you find you are often responding to a certain type of query or making requests then set up pre-set responses and request letters that you can use. Get help Stop doing it all and hire or use help you already have. Outsource tasks and while you are at it do not micro manage. Empower the task owner to make decisions so that they do not have to return to you for a yes/no … just so you are not distracted from doing task that can bring you greater value. We all have time constraints each day so make the most of what time you have. Connect with me to learn more.      

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Cash Flow

Cash Flow Issues?   As an entrepreneur you need cash to pay the bills, your team and to make purchases to keep the business afloat and grow but how do you handle your cash flow successfully? I met with one of my successful clients; who had the same question. She couldn’t understand how she is always booked with patients awaiting her services in both her offices yet she is having cash flow issues. She wanted to open a third office but the funds were not there and she was baffled. A closer look at her business revealed the answer; payment. She had hundreds of thousands of dollars outstanding from patients and insurance companies. The rule all entrepreneurs must live by; is that of cash flow: cash being the life line of business mean the sooner she is paid by patients and the insurance companies, the easier for her to manage her cash flow. This problem is not new to me as a business consultant; I’ve seen where this payment/collection problem has hurt business. The longer receivables are outstanding, the more damage is caused to a company’s cash flow as it puts the outstanding amount in limbo and lowers the odds of payment. Be aware that the longer it takes to collect outstanding amount, the higher the collection costs, which can cut into profit as it becomes necessary to engage a debt collector or to sell the debt. The only solution is to collect payment. Payments I like to cycle; the cycle starts the moment the cash is “out the door” i.e. the service is complete or goods are passed and the user promises to pay. The cycle ends when payment is complete. Therefore, my client cycle would start the moment the receptionist greets the patient, to include indirect and direct cost of materials needed to complete the service and ends when the patient pays. Too many entrepreneurs fail to understand the time value of interest and that longer payment cycles mean more operating capital will be needed to run the business, hence growth slows. After showing my client how important…

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Let’s help you plan with certainty for a secure future. Whatever stage of the business cycle you are in; we can help you whether you want to take steps towards a less owner reliant business or toward an enduring legacy where not only your assets are passed but your values. Connect with us to learn how.

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Let’s help you to navigate the most challenging business cycles as the right decision matter at every stage. We can show you the value in each stage that you may maximize your chance of success. Connect with us to learn how.

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