Business Culture

As an entrepreneur you want to run a successful business and enjoy all the freedoms of owning your business; exotic travels, stress free days, long weekends etc.  but how can you enjoy all that if you are tied to the business and your staff call you for every decision; stressful isn’t it? This is why it is important to empower staff to act but how do you accomplish that? Read on to learn how. Let’s face it, your business has a culture; accept it or not but you have a way to handle matters. It’s just how you do things in your business. Hopefully, it is a great way of doing things so that in your absence your team will handle those new matters which arise and save reputation. Now may be a good time to review or install systems and controls to put you on the path (or even farther along) towards a business that is less dependent on you, the owner. Therefore, when hiring new staff share and re-enforce the business culture. For those already there in the business who are not actively “handling” matters the business way, replace them with better people; sure it will cause teething pains but it will be good for the long run. In doing so you show you mean business, send the message that poor performance is unacceptable, motivate those high performers within the business and in the long run allow you to enjoy the freedom of owning your business. Connect with me to learn more.

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